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About Us

Sheeltex, by virtue of its ability to produce quality products, has created a niche for itself in the exports of exclusive, Indian handmade cotton / woolen / jute home textiles, floor coverings and other handicrafts items. From a strong base, Sheeltex offers a unique package of services to its clients in the global market. Earning a name for itself in quality, reliability and performance, we have been catering to buyers abroad with an excellent track record and have been continuously innovating in tune with the changing needs and demands of the marketplace.

From a long time we have been leading the textile revolution growing into one of the most reputed export house : Sheeltex.

It is well known across the world as the Indian group that instills value for money into what ever they do, from textiles to home furnishings. The phenomenal growth of the company can be attributed to the two diverse streams of thought that run parallel to each other - one comes from a western mind, where the accent is on technology, growth and pragmatism, while the other comes from an eastern heart, where the emphasis has always been on ethics, fairplay and generosity of spirit.

Our R&D section, developing latest designs and patterns keeps our products on the top of repeat list of the buyers. We also welcome any customized designs if required. Drafts of designs and specifications has to be provided by the buyer in that case.

The seven step procedure which formulates the policy adhered to by the Sheeltex team to a superior product is as follows:
  1. Usage of excellent and appropriate material.
  2. Skillful finish.
  3. Complete quality control at each stage of production.
  4. Latest technology to produce the finest quality.
  5. Zero defect approach
  6. Competitive prices of quality products.
  7. Continuous stress on research & development.
We will continue to strive to be the best in every department of functioning and play a vital and integral role in the growth of Indian textile export scenario.